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The Court

The Court shall be the apex body of the University and shall have the following powers and functions:

  • To review from time to time, the broad policies and programmes of the University and to suggest measures for the improvement and development of the University.
  • To consider and pass resolutions on the annual report, audit reports and the annual accounts of the University.
  • To advise the Central Government in respect of any matter which may be referred to it for advice.
  • To perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the Statues.
S.No. Name Designation/Position Held
    Ex Officio Members
1 -- Chancellor
2 -- Vice-Chancellor
3 -- Proctor
4 -- Deans of Schools
5 -- Dean of Student Welfare
6 -- Finance Officer
7 -- One Senior Warden,by rotation
8 -- Librarian of the University
9 -- The President,Alumni Association
    Other Members:
1 -- Heads of Department/Professors who are member of the  Academic and Activity Council
2 -- One representive from each institution recognized by the university, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor on recommendation of the Head of the institution.
3 -- Not more than four persons from amongst eminent sports scientist, sport academic and sports administrators to be nominated  by the Central Goverment.
4 -- Not more than two persons representing sports industry, to be nominated by the Central Goverment
5 -- Not more than ten persons from amongst eminent sports persons  and highly recognized coaches to be nominated by the Central Goverment.
     Ex-Officio Member Secretary
1 -- Registrar