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The National Sports University has distinctive approaches to academics, research, athletic performance, and extension services, which set it apart from other universities or institutions of higher education.

  • The University shall impart undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes in Sports Coaching, Sports Sciences, and Physical Education in various disciplines
  • Specialised degree programmes in various disciplines of Sports Education and Coaching are also envisaged for the future.
  • NSU shall focus on collaborating with leading researchers within and outside the country to undertake pioneering research programmes and exchange information in various research areas, particularly in the field of sports coaching and performance enhancement of athletes.
  • One of the significant functions of the University shall be to conduct sports training programmes to enable athletes to enhance their performance and attain excellence in sports.
Serving the Community
  • Providing extension services to the local community with the objectives of improving their health and lifestyle as well as giving impetus to sports of local origin like Sagol Kangjei (polo), Thang Ta (Manipuri martial art), Yubi Lakpi (rugby), Mukna, Kang, etc. shall also be one of the key functions of NSU.