Digital Library Rules

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1. Digital Library resources are available 24 hours a day at anywhere and anytime.

2. Digital Library is to be used for academic purposes only.

3. Registered members can access online resources at anytime and anywhere through Computer, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.

4. Members must not be sharing their net access ID and Password with other students. If access other student by using your ID and Password then you will be responsible for the same.

5. Online resources such as e-books, e-journals, e-database, e-newspapers, audio-video lectures, etc. of different courses like Sports Coaching, Physical Education, Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Physiology, Sports Medicine etc.

6. Web OPAC is password protected and accessible only registered users of NSU.

7. Library Users can access online catalogue of books and others reading materials available in Text, in printed format in the Library for searching of all types of reading materials.

8. Library Users can also access some others reputed digital libraries and learning resources developed by some reputed institution at National and International level through useful links section like National Digital Library of India, World E-Book Library, etc.

9. Library Users can read all reputed e-newspapers published in India and abroad.

10. NSU Library has developed a Digital Repository for NSU Students, Faculties, Administrative Officers, Staff for access and downloaded previous year university question papers, syllabus, newspapers clipping, etc. It is password protected and accessible only of registered members of NSU. Users can receive login ID and Password from NSU Library.