Placement Process

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  1. 1. Invitations are sent to companies through email along with response sheets enquiring about the recruitment details. A soft copy of placement brochure is also sent with the mail.

  2. 2. The company/Institutions/school fills the response sheet and sends it by e-mail to the placement cell, NSU. 

  3. 3. The job announcement is sent by the company to placement cell afterwards.

  4. 4. Once the details about the vacancies are received, a convenient date is fixed for campus recruitment.

  5. 5. Once date is fixed, the announcement letter to campus recruitment is circulated to the students through mail, by broadcasting on NSU website & notice sent to the departments to display on the notice board.

  6. 6. Thereafter, the travel plans are obtained from the company. The accommodations and necessary logistic support are arranged for the recruitment drive.

  7. 7. Subsequently, the candidates are shortlisted for the placement drive.

  8. 8. Recruitment process starts with written test / group discussion / presentation / interview, etc.

  9. 9. The offers are made by the company to the successful candidates for appointment.

  10. 10. The students may accept the offer letter and sign it and send it to the company through placement cell, NSU.

  11. 11. Placement cell ensures that the selected student reaches to the organization on specified date.


Organizations are required to follow the following rules for placement process:

  1. 1. Organizations wishing to recruit our students from the National Sports University will have to communicate their interest for the same, by filling the Placement Form.

  2. 2. The filled-up placement form has to be sent either by posting it to the specified address provided in the placement brochure or by email to the convener. 

  3. 3. The following details are used to allocate the slots: Job profile being offered, compensation and perks, geographical location and mobility, number of positions offered, etc.

  4. 4. The procedure for allocating slots for prospective recruiters during the placement process will be according to the convenience of both the parties and/or accommodated on mutually convenient days.


The Placement process will comprise of:

  • Pre-Placement Talk (PPT)

  • Collection and handing of CVs of interested candidates to the recruiter

  • Selection process by the recruiter and

  • Handing over the list of selected candidates for Placement to authority.

  • During the pre-placement talk, the recruiter will make a presentation about the organization, the job profile and respond to the queries of students.

  • Organization should confirm selection of students in writing before leaving NSU Campus.

  • Placement Cell, NSU must receive the appointment letters within seven days of selection process.

  • All organizations are requested to prepare a waiting list, in addition to the list of students selected for recruitment.

  • No one-to-one interaction by the recruiters is allowed with the candidate before the final selection. 

  • Any communication regarding the placements should be made only with the Coordinator, Placement Cell, NSU.