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International collaborations in the form of Memoranda of Understanding and bilateral cooperation agreements being essential as it would enable NSU, Manipur to expand beyond the geographical boundaries of India and abroad. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports  has collaborated  with the universities known for their excellence in sports, with the help of latest modern sports facilities available with them, such as the Victoria and Canberra Universities of Australia, Nippon Sport Science University and Tsukuba Universities in Japan.

MoUs have been signed between the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Universities of Victoria and Canberra in April, 2017, for setting up National Sports University (NSU), Manipur.

The provisions of the two MoUs are identical and are briefly enumerated here. The MoUs are to continue for five years unless terminated earlier by either party by giving six months’ notice. Both are on non-commercial and non-exclusive basis. Both MoUs envisage a two-tier implementation framework. Tier 1 is concerned with activities related to setting up of NSU. The two Universities would render specific advice to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports regarding specific fields of study and research, infrastructure needs, selection of equipments and faculty structure. Tier 2 would be operative after NSU is established. A fresh MoU would be negotiated between NSU and the Universities of Canberra and Victoria separately. Thereafter, the parties would explore opportunities of exchanges of academic and research personnel, and also scholarly material, as well as student and faculty exchanges, access to libraries and labs, and joint conferences, seminars and meetings.