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Message from Vice-Chancellor

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Shri R. C. Mishra, IAS (Retd)

National Sports University (NSU) is the first of itskind in India.It prepares itsstudents to be the future generation of leaders in the area of sports education.We welcome students from diverse socio-economic and cultural  backgrounds, and help them excel in their chosen fields.

NSU, although in its maiden years, has already have achieved a coveted status. Its well designed courses have attracted students who wish to make a career in sports and related fields, from all parts of thecountry.This has been made possible due to the untiring efforts of our highly qualifiedand experienced faculty. They have integrated teaching and coaching with the latest developments and research in their respective fields and by relating these to real life scenariosthey have created a holistic model of learning. The course curriculum has also been devised keeping in mind the ever changing needs of the society, so that students are absorbed in various sectors, ranging fromsports coaching, teaching, research, management, media etcseamlessly as proud alumni of National Sports University.Various programmes of the University are planned with curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to enhance our students’ life skills and overall personality development.The University also organises numerous national and  international workshops and seminars that invitesports experts, trainers, coaches and famous personalities from India and abroad to broaden and challenge learning experience of the students.

We know that creativity and innovation are essential elements to be competitive nationally & internationally. Wehave ahighly flexible curriculum and schedules and encourage  and mentor our students to innovate and experiment with new ideas, techniques and skills. We alsoinculcate in them the right attitude with a blend of soft skills to make them succeed in real life.This preparesour students  to become brand ambassadors of not only the National Sports University, but also the organizations they get associated with in future.

The University has a well quipped campussituated in a serene environment in the beautiful State of Manipur. True to the saying that sportsis in the blood of people of Manipur, the State has produced many iconic and inspiring sports persons. Students can not have a better place for sports education than Manipur as they get to meet, inspired and motivated by many iconic sports personalities who have already made a place for themselves at the national and international level.   The State of Manipur is also known for itsrich art and culture apart from it’s scenic and natural beauty. Students at NSU get the opportunity to explore the various facets of cultural and social life in Manipur.

As Vice Chancellor, I am confident that efforts to excel in the field of higher education and the inculcation of social and moral values in the students at the University campus will continue in the future with a greater zeal.

I, on behalf of National Sports University, welcome you and assure you that we will help you pursue your goals and realize your full potential.

I wish the students a bright and fulfilling future.