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# Date Sentence Doc
51 25-02-2021 My home is far away from my office.
52 24-02-2021 I eat 3 times a day.
53 23-02-2021 Please carry an umbrella, it may rain today.
54 22-02-2021 I always keep my surroundings clean.
55 19-02-2021 Do you exercise every day?
56 18-02-2021 It is important to include fruits and vegetables in your diet.
57 16-02-2021 I like trying new varieties of food.
58 15-02-2021 What is the most popular sport in this place?
59 12-02-2021 I like to go for a run in the morning.
60 11-02-2021 Please turn oPlease turn off the light.ff the light.