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Smt. Sujata Chaturvedi

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minister-imgSmt. Sujata Chaturvedi, IAS

Secretary (Sports)

Government of India


Aspiration is the main fuel for progress. Aspirations transform ordinary people into extraordinary achievers. National Sports University (NSU) is the fulfillment of the aspirations  of the people of Manipur and the Government of India to create an educational and coaching edifice in the field of sports, based on values and excellence. Leadership by  example is, perhaps, the most essential instrument to encourage youngsters to demonstrate commitment and dedication towards any goal.

The role of the NSU will be to mould its students to become the best in their chosen field of study. Each programme offered by NSU is carefully structured and vetted by experts in the field to meet international standards. The partnerships made by signing the MoUs with other universities across the world will ensure that they are familiar with the best

practices in the world of sports. The University aims to introduce generic sports science programmes covering sports science and medicine, sports management and technology, sports education, sports journalism, and interdisciplinary studies.

NSU is the embodiment of the commitment of the Government of India towards the development of sports and games to international standards by pioneering the first ever central university dedicated to the cause of sports and applied research thereof. Cutting edge research in the field by partnering with other universities within and outside the country will surely give NSU the impetus required to launch it on to its journey to become a world-class university of its kind. I am certain that the NSU will emerge as a truly effective model for development of positive changes in the sports eco-system of our country.I wish the National Sports University and its students a bright and fulfilling future