About Imphal

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With its unique tradition, variety of culture and beautiful surroundings, there is much to say about Imphal. It is the capital of the state of Manipur, situated in the north-eastern part of India. A small and scenic city, Imphal is enclosed by large areas of plains and the northeastern hills. Standing pretty at the center of Manipur valley, the capital city of Imphal is one of the ancient towns in India.

Besides being the state capital, Imphal is also the cultural capital of Manipur. Many traditional festivals and cultural shows take place in Imphal at regular intervals. The city of Imphal is one of the most visited parts of Manipur. The vast array of the Manipuri traditional goods like household articles, woven items, bronzeware and brassware, that speak volumes about the Manipuri culture, are marketed here in Imphal.

Imphal was the home of the Manipuri Royal Families and had become the capital of the state in 1826. The city had been a witness to some of the important battles in the history of India. Recently, the city of Imphal has undergone many changes owing to the large number of people visiting Manipur since the last few years.

The population of Imphal, according to the 2001 census, is 217,275, with an equal distribution of male and female population. The literacy rate of the city is 79%. Manipuri, English and Hindi are the three main languages that are spoken here.

The best time to visit Imphal is from the month of October to February. January experiences freezing temperatures. Imphal receives almost 1000 mm of rainfall every year during the rainy season.